About Us

Valuing people, encouraging progress

Open Says Me Ltd aims to provide high quality services in the area of speech, language, intensive interaction, social communication and behaviour management through development of inner speech.

We offer a speech and language therapy service that is professional and good value for money. We also offer training to individuals and organisations on all aspects of communication and social skills.

We are committed to improving the quality of the lives of any child or adult who receives a service from us and to ensuring that they feel valued. We truly believe that people can make progress if they are placed in an environment that is right for them and if they have people around them that can support this progress.

About the founder

Gillian Sapiano (née Sewell) is a certified member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and is licensed to practice speech language therapy in the UK and internationally. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Sciences from the University College London in 2009 and her Master’s degree in Autism Studies from the University of Kent in 2021. 

Gillian has practiced speech therapy in a number of settings including public schools, private schools, and clinics as well as adult services such as residential and supported living settings.

She has extensive experience working in the NHS with community teams providing dysphagia assessment and intervention as well as formal and informal communication assessments and follow up therapy programmes for clients. She has led, developed and managed SLT teams and services. As part of that leadership role, Gillian has provided counselling and clinical as well as managerial supervision for junior allied health professionals including Speech therapists and support staff. She specialises in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of communication disorders including: receptive/expressive language disorders, articulation disorders, autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, auditory processing disorders, and other developmental delays.

Gillian is also trained in Autism diagnostic assessment (Autism diagnostic schedule (ADOS) and Autism diagnostic interview (ADI-R)). She is a trained Intensive Interaction co-ordinator and uses this approach in her practice to support and develop skills. She has many years of experience with sensory deficits, ADHD, ODD and challenging behaviour across both children and adult client groups and works closely with individuals and their families to facilitate effective communication skill development and implementation to reduce these behaviours.

She believes in a holistic person centred approach to working and incorporates this into her work, to support progress for the client.

Gillian Sewell founder Open Says Me

Our training programmes help us to help you build confidence and support others